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(Creator, Director, Lead Writer)Featherbent is a fantasy visual novel written and directed by me. Scriptwork for the project has been on-and-off since 2010, but is back in production as of late 2020. With exquisite illustrations, a full soundtrack, and a complete voice acting cast, an extremely talented team of artists, coders, musicians, and actors will come together to bring this passion project to life.-

Writing + foundational worldbuilding provided for Traversion.
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Co-founder of The Kamihama Project.

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Your friendly neighborhood escapist. Producing long-form second-person-narrative reader-insert shenanigans since 2009.

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debt-free[ Transformative Work - Marvel Cinematic Universe ]Last Updated: 08 Jan 2019
Word Count: 39,336
You tasted like coffee and faded lip gloss; he tasted like vodka and day-old despair. In which an unexpected late-night rendezvous at your University library ends up with you in way over your goddamn head.

Misconduct[ Transformative Work - Overwatch ]Last Updated: 25 Jan 2018
Word Count: 56,087
You have an extremely inappropriate crush on your commanding officer. Maybe if you work hard enough, you'll stop having feelings.

mahpiohanzia[ Transformative Work - Harry Potter ]Last Updated: 10 April 2019
Word Count: 16,572
You are an Animagus-in-training nearing the end of your education. He is Generic Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher Replacement #7. Your final year at Hogwarts couldn’t possibly be any stranger than the previous six…but seven is one of the most powerful numbers in magic, after all.

On Belay[ Transformative Work - Genshin Impact ]Last Updated: 17 May 2021
Word Count: 9,323
Pretend for a moment that you’re good at what you do. Pretend your intrigue is nothing short of professional. Pretend you can’t feel something warm stir beneath your chest when he speaks. Pretend harder.In which you are a Visionless civilian unaware of who your newest client is--or rather, who he once was--let alone the fact it’s his birthday.

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Commission Info

#2 + #3SFW + NSFWChilde + Zhongli; Childe/OCQueued

Flashfic Status: [Closed]
Story Update Slot: [Open / Unclaimed]

Commission Types

Flashfics - $20 USD
500 words. Includes consultation and one round of revisions.
Status: [Closed]
Story Update - $130 USD
4,000 word minimum, potentially across multiple updates. Bumps the update for an existing longform fic to the top of the queue. Commissioner may make requests for what they'd like to see, and will be given beta access to update(s).
Status: [Open / Unclaimed]

Wills and Wonts

🌸 Currently Accepting: Genshin Impact / Genshin Impact AUs; spin-offs / AUs / etc. based on existing ongoing fics; original universes (additional fees may apply).Will Write: Most ships (including Kaeya x Diluc / Character x Traveller); Canon x Reader; Canon x OC (visual reference + short bio required). Further Clarification Required: NSFW (open to most kinks; commissioner must be 20↑); unreleased characters / characters with little to no screentime; gore / violence; dubcon; yandere; A/B/O; NTR (conditions apply). (General) Will Not Write: Leaked characters; extreme gore / violence; explicit acts of self-harm or suicide (ideation OK); major character death scenes; cheating / infidelity; bigotry in any form. (NSFW) Will Not Write: Most dead dove themes (feel free to ask anyway!); foursomes+; ships involving minors or blood relatives; fetishization of familial relationships (mommy/daddy kink, sis/brocon); more extreme kinks, including but not limited to: vore, macro, toilet fluids, lactation, oviposition, or pregnancy/birthing (breeding kink OK).

Disclaimer: I do not judge/police others, nor condone the harassment of others, for fantasies involving fictional characters. Any "Will Not" restrictions are simply themes I am uncomfortable / unconfident writing.

Terms and Conditions

‣ I retain the right to decline any request for any reason. Declined requests remain confidential, please don't be afraid to ask!‣ If your theme is a niche kink/fetish, you are required to tell me upfront so that I may tag appropriately, regardless of whether or not the actual commission is NSFW.‣ Payment is required upfront via Ko-Fi. PayPal is also available, with additional fees covered by the commissioner.‣ No refunds can be given once writing has started.Flashfics have a turnaround time of up to one week after payment has been received. All Flashfics and their corresponding prompts will be posted publicly to AO3. You may choose to remain anonymous. Private commissions are available for an additional $5 USD.‣ Sequels to existing flashfics requested by anyone other than the original commissioner will require me first obtaining the original commissioner's approval.Story Updates may take anywhere between 2 - 8 weeks after payment has been received. You will receive beta access, meaning 1) you will be able to make requests for what happens, 2) you will be allowed to view and comment on a near-final copy of the update, with any concrit / suggestions welcome. Please note that this does not guarantee that your requests / comments / suggestions will be accepted, but I will be happy to work with you the best I can.